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What makes us different?

Flag Keepers™ add charm to your garden flags!

Garden flags add charm and beauty to any garden, backyard, or home front. Their small size and vertical design is unique. But there is a problem that all garden flags have: wind and rain can cause flags to bunch up and slip off the flag stand allowing your flag to get dirty, blown away, or even damaged. Rubber stoppers work, but they are sometimes difficult to slip on a flag stand, and the black rubber does nothing to add to the aesthetic charm of the flag. You also have to slip them back off just to change your flag. What a hassle!

Flag Keepers™ are easy to use, stay secure on the flag stand, and prevent garden flags from slipping off of their stands. Best of all, they come in a variety of colors for any occasion. Flag Keepers™ can be used on any flag stand with a diameter of .25" to .35", which covers most retail versions. Flag Keepers™ are inexpensive, are made of ABS plastic (the kind Legos are made of, and we know how tough those are!) and last for a long time. Plus, unlike ugly rubber stoppers, they add to the beauty of your garden flag!